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How to design hydrocyclone desander/desilter

Each hydrocyclone separator (desander or desilter) feed manifold requires its own pump and motor (dedicated pumps). "Roping" hydrocyclone discharge indicates


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Solids Control Equipment National Oilwell Varco

Solids Control is one of the most important phases of the drilling process. The primary reason for using mechanical solids control equipment is to remove detrimental drilled solids from the mud system.

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Desanders and desilters are solid control equipment with a set of hydrocyclones that separate sand and silt from the drilling fluids in drilling rigs.Desanders are installed on top of the mud tank following the shale shaker and the degasser, but before the desilter.

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Following is desander for two different industry and system, Part 1 two desanders are for oil gas drilling, CBM drilling mud solids control. Part 2 desander system with mud tank is for contruction operation for No dig, Bored Pile drilling deander for bentonite recycling.

DFE Desilter Desanders

Desilters and Desanders. Desilters and Desanders are used to process large volumes of drilling fluid to remove abrasive sands and silts that shale shakers cannot remove.

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